6 November 2023

The upgraded model of the rain collector has been fitted to the weather station so readings should be back to normal with anticipated greater recording accuracy.

30 October 2023

The heavy rainfall from Storm Babet managed to get into the weather station control panel and shorted out the contacts for the rain collector resulting in spurious and excessive rain totals being sent to the website. A new and upgraded model of rain collector and transmitter has been ordered.

30 December 2022

The anemometer has failed yet again and is showing calm conditions even though the anemometer caps are spinning merrily.  A new part was ordered today but delivery is not expected until 9 January.  I then need calm conditions to take the mast down and fit the new part so it will be a while before this is complete.

 EDIT:  As of 4.30pm the wind speed is being recorded again but it may intermittently fail again until the new part is fitted.

14 February 2022

Repairs to the weather station after Storm Corrie are now complete and Glenbervie Weather is fully back online. Unfortunately all weather data for the two weeks the station was offline was of course not recorded.

11 July 2020

A new anemometer cartridge was fitted today - wind readings are back to normal again

5 July 2020

The anemometer is undereading - ie today we have about 25mph winds and it's reading 6-10mph. The bearings must be on the point of seizing so a new anemometer cartridge is on order.

21 February 2018

A new Temperature and Humidity Sensor was fitted this morning and readings are back to normal.

17 February 2018

The humidity sensor has failed and is giving readings around 30-50% when the true humidity is 80-90%. As a result the dewpoint calculations are in error. A new sensor is on order and will be fitted when weather permits.

9 June 2017

New anemometer up and running as of 2000 today - thanks to the usual excellent service from Weather Spares.

3 June 2017

The anemometer, fitted only 3 years ago due to an identical failure, is showing intermittent zero windspeeds. A new anemometer is on order but will not arrive until about 12 June.

16 October 2016

The Scottish Weather Network page has been completey revamped with a Google map - with Street View - which shows the network weather stations with more clarity than previously. The map is capable of being zoomed in and out. A summary of the current weather at each station can be seen by clicking on their location.  The Regional Mesonets tab shows maps of all the participating Weather Networks worldwide and charts their associated weather stations.

11 June 2015

A motorised Fan Aspirated Radiation Shield (FARS) has been fitted to replace the passive radiation shield.  A solar powered fan runs during the day and also charges the batteries that run the fan during the night.  This ensures a good flow of air around the temperature and humidity sensors 24 hours a day.  The FARS installation will result in more accurate readings from those sensors.

18 August 2014

WXSIM - a computerised forecasting program by Tom Ehrensberger of Atlanta, Georgia has been installed in place of the Weather Underground forecast. Tom has specifically tailored his program - developed over 25 years - for me, taking into account the geographical location of the Glenbervie weather station and the weather patterns that affect this part of Scotland.  The forecasts provide data for 5 days ahead. They are updated 5 times a day - at 0300, 0700, 1200, 1700 and 2300.  The forecasts are uploaded to the website and will appear there at 15 minutes after the forecast time.

At the same time I have taken the opportunity to replace the static forecast icons with animated icons produced by courtesy of Paolo at  http://www.meteotreviglio.com/ based in Italy.  As ever, Ken True of Saratoga Weather has provided the script to integrate the WXSIM output into the template used on my website.

5 March 2014

New anemometer fitted.  Everything now working from 1600 today.

28 February 2014

The anemometer has finally given up the ghost and is continually reading zero windspeed. A new anemometer has been ordered and is expected to arrive on 4 March.

25 February 2014

New ISS Board and new temperature/humidity sensor fitted. All data back to normal from 1330 today.

23 February 2014

All temperature, humidity and wind speed readings are unreliable.  A new ISS board is on order which hopefully will solve these problems.  Board delivery expected 25 February.

16 February 2014

The anemometer fault appears to have cleared itself.  Monitoring continuing.

15 February 2014

There is a fault with the anemometer which is giving spurious low or zero readings.  Until the current 60 mph gusts have eased I cannot safely try and sort it out.  It may just be a case of a loose grub screw which fixes the cups to the shaft as the cups are spinning furiously.  Update probably tomorrow 16 February.

27 December 2012

Due to a failure of BT equipment at the local telephone exchange on 20 December I have been unable to upload any data from my weather station for the past week.  Hopefully this is now fixed.  No weather data has been lost and all files will have been updated by midnight tonight.

16 November 2012

A new set of pages can be accessed via the "Climate Reports" menu tab.  Once on the first report page, additional reports can be accessed via the various menu buttons.  Most reports are self explanatory but on the less obvious there is an explanation at the foot of the page.  Records in these reports only start in November 2012 except for the rain data which starts on May 1st 2012.

11 November 2012

The "Weather Live" page has been updated to take account of the installation of the solar radiation sensor.  There is now a graph showing data for the last 24 hours plus a thermometer type graphic showing live solar radiation in terms of W/m2. It also shows the percentage of the maximum that could be expected for the date and time of day at the weather station location, plus the number of hours of sunshine for the current day.

8 November 2012

Today I installed a Solar Radiation Sensor at the Glenbervie Weather Station.  It is up and running and the output data is on this website home page alongside the UV Index Forecast.

7 November 2012

We have joined the Scottish Weather Network - a group of weather enthusiasts throughout Scotland who have joined together to provide all their weather reports on one site.  Click on the Scottish Wx Network tab in the menu to go to the Network website.

5 November 2012

A new page has been added - Space Weather - which shows real time images of the sun and much other data which I do not pretend to understand.  Hope you find it interesting though!