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Glenbervie Weather Station

The weather station site is about 2 miles north of Glenbervie in a fairly remote and exposed location - see photo at right - at a height of 190 metres (624 feet) above sea level.  A Davis Vantage Pro2 wireless weather station transmits data over a distance of about 110 metres to a receiving console in the house. The external sensing unit is powered by a solar panel with a battery backup. The desktop console connects by USB cable to a PC running the Windows 10 operating system. The PC runs Weather Display software which collates the data received by the Davis Console. This is then output to this website. WXSIM forecasting software provides a local forecast four times a day for Glenbervie & District.

About This Area

Glenbervie is an area situated just outside the village of Drumlithie in North East Scotland.  Just to the north of the weather station is the Brae of Glenbervie - see the photo at the top of the page of the view from the weather station site. This forms part of the Highland Boundary Fault that runs southwest from Stonehaven right across Scotland to Helensburgh and Arran on the west coast.  This is farming country - the eastern edge of the Howe of the Mearns - made famous by the writings of Lewis Grassic Gibbon (1901-1935). His book "Sunset Song", written in 1932 about life in the early 20th century in the fictional Kinraddie in "The Mearns", was filmed as a mini-series by the BBC at a neighbouring farm in 1971. Starring Vivien Heilbron as Chris Guthrie, it was highly acclaimed at the time.  A double DVD of the mini-series was produced by the BBC exclusively for the Grassic Gibbon Centre in Arbuthnott - see Links page - but the current availabilty of this DVD is unknown. A new feature film of Sunset Song was released in the UK on 4 December 2015 and stars Agyness Deyn and Peter Mullan. 

This is also Burns country, although not that of the poet himself.  However his great-grandparents, James and Margaret, farmed these hills and near our own private spring water supply can be seen the remains of their house.  Almost 4 miles to the southeast is the farm of Clochnahill which their son Robert subsequently leased around 1724 from the estate of the Earl Marischal.  Poor crops, low prices and a heavy penetrating frost in 1747 brought financial ruin and it is likely they soon retired locally to Denside.  William, father of Robert Burns, was born in 1721 in Glenbervie shortly before his father moved to Clochnahill.  In 1750 he moved to Ayrshire where Robert Burns was born.

Sadly Clochnahill has been disfigured by four 79 metre high wind turbines and adjacent to that site are 3 similar turbines at the Hill of Auquhirie.  On Mid Hill 35 turbines have been erected, the closest being 4000 metres northwest of the weather station.  Two more have been erected on Droop Hill, 1750 metres away to the south and just north of Glenbervie.  Three more turbines have been installed on Jacksbank Hill, just 1650 metres to the east - the turbines on the last three sites range from 100 to 125 metres in height.

A single turbine has been installed at East Town Farm, 2600 metres distant to the north east, and two planning applications have been submitted for a total of 4 turbines, 80 metres high to join the one on Herscha Hill some 3800 metres southwest of here.

The formally classified "Area of Landscape Significance" in which this weather station is situated has been ravaged by inefficient wind turbines towering up to 125 metres above ground level and it is gradually losing its raw beauty and becoming dominated by an industrial power station landscape.  The great-grandparents of Robert Burns must be turning in their graves in Glenbervie Kirk, as must Lewis Grassic Gibbon in his burial plot in nearby Arbuthnott Kirk, itself now overlooked by 9 wind turbines on St. John's Hill, near Kinneff.

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